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Young Professional Success Program

As a parent, we are often focused on supporting the family and achieving our personal goals while trying to raise a family.
Our young growing adults are becoming more responsible and beginning to define their future. And as much as we want to help as parents, we either don’t have the knowledge, tools, or training to guide them or they simply don’t value our opinions as parents. This is a very difficult time for both us and our young adults.

At Rocket Fueled Futures we specialized in guiding your aspiring youth towards a destination they didn't know was possible.

Our 6-month and 1-year Young Professional Success Programs are perfect for the young adult in your life; providing the clarify, vision, skills, and results that set them up with the foundation of a successful and fulfilling career.

 Young Professional Success Program

Our YP Success Program offers your young professional an experienced guide and accountability partner to build the mindset and skills for a successful career. Our six-month and full-year programs is focused on building the following foundations of highly successful professionals: 


  • Gaining clarity in their career direction

  • Skills for professional success

  • Setting the right mindset

  • Developing your passion


  • nSight personality aptitude assessment with discussion

  • Indeed search exercise with analysis

  • 6 one-hour sessions with homework (one per month) 

  • Accountability partnership and one-on-one guidance for six months or one year

Included:  Copy of Rocket Fuel for Careers. The book written by coach, author, and speaker, Heinrich Stander.

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