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Voice of Our Customers: Finding Fulfillment

By the time I started working with Heinrich at Rocket Fueled Futures I already had a long and reasonably successful career. My peers and leadership team praised my contributions. I was NOT unhappy, in fact, I was happy… But was I using all my skills and capabilities? Was I being challenged daily? Was I growing my own brand and living a fulfilled life? It didn’t feel like it. I felt too young to retire, but too capable to function as an individual contributor for the rest of my career.

I needed to get some objective advice on how to break the impasse. I was hoping to gain some understanding that would help me get unstuck and propel me forward. What I got from Heinrich was a life changing experience!

In our sessions, among many other insightful things, Heinrich helped me realize that beneath the surface, I was living in fear. What I have ALWAYS wanted to do and what got me most fulfilled was entrepreneurship. I discovered that I unknowingly sought jobs that looked like startups (think about an organization with new merger or acquisition, or a new department, or a very entrepreneurial company… that is where I went). I also started several small businesses; but when revenue were not quite as stable or it become too much of a challenge along the way, I bailed for the comfort of a gig worker at big corporations.

I know this might sound a bit silly, but Heinrich helped me find my rocket fueled future. Today I am doing EXACTLY what I have felt called to do since I was a kid. I am leading a Lean Startup factory and I am in the early stages of three (3) business launches. I love leading the ideation phase and early-stage startups for small or even micro-businesses AND I love teaching those patterns to others. My next milestone is leading initial growth stages… and I am right there.

Doing what I love gives me a chance to really serve my family and community the way I’ve always wanted.

Based on my experience, I even recommended Rocket Fueled Futures to my adult daughter and Heinrich helped her find a new job right in her sweet spot. If you are not 100% satisfied with the state of current career, you might want to chat with him while he still has some time (he has recently released a new book and he is getting very busy).

As for me, it’s only “Onward and Upward” from here.

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