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Passion Led Us Here


It has taken me many years to figure out the right mix of skills, passion and life skills that ignites the "fire in the belly" that gets me up at 5 am on a Saturday to work. Not because I have to, but because I love what I do. And what I love doing more than anything is to build into individuals and organizations to help them find their own perfect mix of skills that ignites their passion.

Heinrich Leader


I believe that there is no greater calling than being a leader. The ability to transform organizations through and inspiring vision, clear strategy and focused action is an honor I've always strived for. The opportunity to transform the lives of individuals through authentic servant leadership and high value coaching and mentoring is a responsibility I've never taken lightly.  It has been my privilage and joy to have served in the following servant leadership capacities so far.

  • Manager of small teams at small organizations

  • Leader of large organizations at a Fortune 20 retailer

  • Serving on the Board of Directors of The Healing Center

  • Officer in the military abroad

  • Spouse, Brother, Father, Friend

Heinrich Coach


As long as I can remember, I've always had a continuous improvement mindset. I'm always trying to learn, improve and grow. So it came completely naturally to want to help others do the same. Even while I was working in a corporate job, I was finding opportunities to inspire, mentor or coach others.

It's in my DNA.

Here are a couple of those opportunities I've found.

  • Job coach at the Healing Center

  • Mentor to peers, seniors and other leaders

  • Interalliance mentor

  • Spouse, Brother, Father, Friend

Heinrich Author


My English teacher would be proud. I finally stopped reading Wilbur Smith novels and have been consuming everything non-fiction and self improvement I can get my hands on. So I guess at some point it had to happen; writing a book of my own. Over the years I've enjoyed writing a lot more, finding my voice and reaching many more people than I could one-on-one.  

Some of my favorite channels below.

  • Author of Rocket Fuel for Careers

  • Articles for Quora, Medium and LinkedIn

  • Published on Inc Magazine

  • Blogging on my site

Heinrich Detail Speaker


I started off like most other people, more afraid of public speaking than dying! Fortunately, as a leader that's not an option. So I leaned into the fear and soon started enjoying it more and more. Today I cherish every opportunity to share my knowledge, experience and inspiration with audiences of all sizes and shapes.

Some of the opportunities I've found to share my experience.

  • Toastmasters

  • Emotional Intelligence talks

  • Business Presentations

  • Keynotes

Golf club and ball


Believe it or not, I do have a life beyond work, business, teaching, and coaching! 

I'm happily married to the biggest Bengals fan ever; aka my wife Amy, I have a pre-teen step-son Beck (wish me luck), and more hobbies than time or money: Golfing, Flying, Travel, Camping, Home Automation, and Extreme adventures.

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