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Ind Clarity


The most successful individuals have figured out the right "Rocket Fuel" skills mix of technical, interpersonal and professional skills. At Rocket Fueled Careers we can help you find that same mix.


For a GPS to function it needs to know two things: 1. Where you are now, and 2. Where you want to go. Without that clarity it will not get you to your destination. The same is true for our careers. Having clarity about where you are currently and what your desired future state is, are both critical to getting there successfully.  

At Rocket Fueled Careers we can see through the smoke, confusion, uncertainty and doubt to help you discover your true north. Here's how: 

  • nSight Personality / Aptitude Assessment

  • Science based Self Discovery Exercises

  • 360 Personal Surveys

  • Skills Assessment and remediation strategy

Ind inspired vision


Step 2 of reaching your destination is to know where you want to go. Getting to your destination requires a clear, inspiring vision that motivates and excites you to overcome any and all obstacles in your way. Vision and strategy is our specialty. Let's work together to build your north star. 

  • Personal Vision and Strategy

  • Personal Branding management

  • Guided Goal and Milestone Setting

  • Building your Future Story

Ind Guided Action


The most successful individuals in the world all have coaches, guides or mentors who inspire them, push them and hold them accountable. Having a coach is a sign of strength and wisdom, not weakness. At Rocket Fueled Careers we love walking the journey with our clients, providing them guidance, support and strength along the way. Here's some of what we do. 

  • Skills Growth Guidance

  • Milestone planning

  • Ad Hoc Situational Guidance

  • Accountability

  • Professional skills development

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Ind Results


Fulfillment in your career comes from a POWER formula. Exceptional results and career fulfillment are accomplished when you combine the right mix of skills, passion and job fit. Our mission is not just coaching, training and mentoring; our mission is to ensure that our clients accomplish exceptional results and highly fulfilled careers and lives. Real, Tangible Results.

  • Addressing professional skills deficiencies

  • Finding your perfect role fit

  • Understanding your passion

  • New Skills Development

  • Maintaining forward momentum

  • Paying It Forward - Creating outflow

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