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How do you create exceptional leadership?  By creating the right mix. The right leader, in the right role, with the right skills. At Rocket Fueled Careers we address each ingredient to create the perfect, powerful mix.

We help you select naturally talented leaders, train for the right skills and solve role mismatches for optimum performance.

Corp inspired vision


"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" - Socrates

The greatest leaders in the world have a continuous improvement mindset, starting with themselves. They know that reaching lofty goals starts with a thorough understanding of your current state.


Successful leaders, teams, and organizations know their strengths and limitations and plan accordingly. Here are some ways we guide you and your team toward greater clarity.

  • Personality and Aptitude Assessment

  • Self Awareness Exercises

  • 360 Personal Surveys

  • Inter-Personal Skills Assessment

  • Team SWOT Analysis

  • Organizational Structure Analysis

  • Leadership Team Analysis

Corp Guided Action


Becoming a leader in the global marketplace requires extraordinary vision and strategy. How strong is your leadership vision? We can help you uncover your vision that inspires your teams to push far beyond where they thought capable. Here's how.

  • Corporate Strategy Analysis

  • Organizational Restructuring 

  • Vision casting coaching

Corp Results

Guided Action

Even the most successful individuals in the world have coaches. In fact, they often are successful exactly because they do have coaches. Being a senior leader is a lonely difficult job. Having someone to support and guide you along the way is often the boost you need to get over the humps you're experiencing.

  • Custom Personalized Development

  • Advanced Emotional Intelligence Coaching

  • Ad Hoc Situational Advice and Brainstorming

  • Strategy Execution Guidance

  • Accountability

Exceptional Results

Winning organizations understand that the real measure for success are value added outcomes, not simple outputs. Being busy is not the same as accomplishing objectives. We can help you stay focused on accomplishing goals, not just delivering output.  Here's how. 

  • Setting Objectives and Measuring Key Results

  • Maintaining focus

  • Communicating Successes 

  • Advanced Professional Skills for Associates

  • Accountability along the way

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