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Rocket Fueled Futures


The Rocket Fueled Success (RFS) program provides organizations with end-to-end screening, hiring, training and coaching solutions for every career stage from potential new hires to senior executives. Our program is designed as a growth journey but is also available as a la carte options.  

Soft Skills Screening

Hiring well-rounded individuals require well-rounded screening. Failed hiring is costly, time-consuming
and often ends in litigation. Our proprietary soft skill screening algorithms ensures you have the best
personality, aptitude, and interpersonal skills assessment available to make the best hiring decisions

Foundational Growth

A solid foundation is critical for solid performance. In our Rocket Fuel for Careers seminar your
associates will learn and discuss the foundational life skills required for a positive career trajectory.
These are the bedrock skills that all successful careers are built on. In this session we focus on igniting
the spark of curiosity, developing a growth mindset, learning how to make lasting personal change,
and creating receptiveness for the growth and learning that is to follow.

Embracing Change

Adaptability is critical to succeeding in fast-paced business environments. Our Risk & Change Seminar
teaches associates how to embrace change as a lifestyle and grow as a professional by increasing
their open-mindedness and receptiveness skills. Not only will they learn to be more
receptive to change but also become change agents of their own by understanding the
neuroscience of change.

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Soft Skills Growth

Today's business environment demands highly developed personal and professional work skills. Our IT
EQ certification ensures that the individuals in your organization are well rounded, highly
collaborative, and customer-focused. We do this by systematically working through Values and Beliefs,
Character and Personality, Skills and Competencies and Behaviors and Habits.

Leadership Pipeline Building

The leaders of tomorrow need to be developed today. Our leadership pipeline program allows you to
identify potential leaders and prepare those leaders for the demands of leadership. In addition, it
clarifies leadership as a career path for aspiring individual contributors.

Leader Dev.png
Leadership Development

Organizations succeed or fail by the quality of their leadership. Our comprehensive approach to
leadership training starts from the foundational to the specific. We start with the 50,000 ft view of the
Essence of Leadership and bring it down to the runway where we address daily tactical issues.

Leadership Excellence.png
Leadership Excellence

Organizations are only as strong as their leaders. Our Essence of Leadership program not only builds
strong leadership foundations but ensures your leadership team is as impactful as they can be. This
program is geared to develop highly visionary, strategic, operational and relational leaders who not
only deliver excellent results but can also develop the next generation of leaders.

Executive Excellence.png
Executive Excellence

There is a huge difference between leading individuals and leading leaders. Our customized executive
leadership program ensures your senior leaders and executives are equipped with the skills, tools and
techniques to inspire and lead large organizations and build strong departments. This highly
customized one-on-one coaching program is designed to drastically accelerate success and increase




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Beth Larkcom.jpg

Beth Larkcom, Project Manager

"Heinrich came highly recommended, and has helped bring a lot of clarity to the path I've been struggling to illuminate on my own.”

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Kevin B, General Manager

"Without the individual coaching that Heinrich provides I am confident I would have not grown as quickly into my current position."

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